Laptop repairs

Laptops, netbooks and tablet computers are now the biggest sellers in computing and Internet devices. Omneity Bridgend Computer Repair have invested considerably over the past couple of years in equipment , training and rework tooling that means we now service and repair all popular makes of laptop computer and mobile computing devices.

To maximise on our investment and to provide ever more value services to our customers, we now refurbish second-user laptop and mobile computers to the highest standard. In procuring computers for refurbishment we will only source the best quality items that we can be sure will give years of dependable service.

All our refurbished computers are fully serviced with and broken or damaged components replaced with original equipment specification parts. The operating systems are reinstalled, optimized and updated to ensure they run as well if not faster than they did when they were new. In addition, our laptops will be provided with a Microsoft Office compatible software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, drawing and database components. To ensure your online safety we also install unlimited antivirus software ready to go as soon as you connect to the Internet.

With quality, warrantied laptops available from just £50, you can be sure of the same dependable service and value as is applied to our repair and support services. All our refurbished laptops are sold with warranty backup-up by our local know-how and repair facilities.

If you’re looking for a quality used laptop or if you need your existing laptop or mobile computing device repaired, contact us now for the best local service and pricing – guaranteed!