I’m often asked the origin and reasoning for using Omneity as a business name.

Let’s start with a dictionary definition:

Om*ni”e*ty, n. That which is all-pervading or all-comprehensive.

Omniety formed nullity into an essence.
Sir T. Browne.

Which in essence means making something from nothing, or bringing everything together. Or to relate that to computer repair; a computer system that composes of many parts – keyboard, screen, processor, operating system, applications and so on, will be nothing if any one or more of these components stop it from working. Omneity brings all the distinct components together into one comprehensive working system.

So what made me chose it?

At the time I was setting up the business structure I was looking for something that encompassed all that I was looking to achieve with my business – bringing computer systems together in a manner that suits the needs and purpose of the user. Whilst I was writing my business plan it came on the news that the work ‘Omneity’ was to be delisted from the Oxford Dictionary as it was considered a ‘retired’ word. Having studied Latin at school it struck a chord with me and I decided to save it!

Why not

Simply because someone else had already claimed that domain name, also I’m told that having a web address that encompasses what you do and where you do will help people searching for you on the Internet. So Omneity Bridgend Computer Repair it is. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but to help I’ve dropped the bit with the tricky spelling off the web address!