Fixed-price Repairs

Just as many garages now offer fixed-price servicing for cars, Omneity are proud to lead the way in offering fixed-price servicing for your home PC.

With extensive experience of repairing home PCs, Omneity recognise that many of the problems users experience with their Home PCs can be resolved and often prevented by regular maintenance and a planned servicing routine.

In the ever-changing world of computers and the Internet, software writers and Operating System providers frequently provide update ‘patches’, ‘hot fixes’ and ‘service packs’ to correct bugs and ensure your system remains safe. We can install these patches and upgrades during a system service to ensure your system is safe, secure and reliable for you to use.

Remember, I offer a full systems maintenance and system performance service, NOT just a system check as offered elsewhere which can leave your system virus-infected, insecure and slow.

Do you have more than one computer that you would like servicing? Contact me now for additional deals on multi-system site-servicing.